Are there any alternatives to Opioids for my Oral Surgery procedure?

At North Carolina Oral Surgery and Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on providing the latest modern technology and advancements in surgical procedures. Due to the serious opioid-epidemic in our country, we hoped to provide our patients with an alternative to narcotic pain medications for oral surgery.

We discovered Exparel.

Our patients can now partake in an advanced drug called Exparel which is a non-opioid option that offers long-lasting pain relief. This injection, in combination with other pain management options, ultimately aids in recovery after oral surgery procedures, lowering the risk of developing opioid dependence.


What is Exparel?

Exparel is a non-addictive pain control medication that is given during your oral surgery procedure, directly into the surgical site. This provides longevity of numbness in the surgical site and is released slowly over time to give long-lasting pain management. Ultimately, aiding in your recovery time. Exparel can also reduce your need for other pain medications, such as narcotics.


How does Exparel work?

Exparel starts controlling pain during surgery so that your recovery can begin.

  • Only 1 dose, given by your doctor, so you have one less thing to worry about
  • Provides pain control for the first few days after surgery, when you need it most, by numbing the area where your oral surgery was performed
  • Works directly at the surgical site – unlike opioids which affect your entire body
  • Clinical trials showed patients who got Exparel had less need for opioids due to the long-lasting analgesic effects

Small Vial of Exparel with turquoise writing and purple line across the bottom

Ask your doctor about Alternatives to Opioids

Achieving pain control while reducing opioid usage is one easy chat away. Contact your doctor today to ask about this new option. Our oral surgeons and sedation dentists at NCOSO in Raleigh, Cary, Garner, Greensboro, and beyond are ready to help you on your way to an opioid-free procedure. Give us a call at 833-GO-NCOSO or contact us to find out how you can focus on recovery with Exparel!

Learn more about Exparel, including important safety information, by visiting their website at www.EXPAREL.com/patient