Impacted Canines

Children are usually screened by the age of 7 utilizing a panoramic x-ray to determine if there are potential problems with eruption of the adult teeth. For example, if any adult teeth are missing, if extra teeth are present, or unusual growths are blocking the eruption of teeth.

Often, the orthodontist is able to make room for the impacted tooth as it comes into its proper position with braces, but a tooth that has not yet erupted may need help or encouragement from the orthodontist. This is accomplished by a surgical procedure with an Oral Surgeon which is involved in making an incision and lifting up the gum tissue.

Greensboro NC Oral Surgeon and Orthodontist Exterior

Once the tooth is located, an orthodontic bracket is bonded to the tooth similar to the other brackets. The difference is that this bracket has a small chain that is attached to the arch wire of the braces. The orthodontist will gently pull with the help of a rubber band to help slowly move the tooth into its proper position in the dental arch over the next few months

What To Expect From Surgery To Expose & Bracket An Impacted Tooth?

The surgery to expose and bracket an impacted tooth is routinely performed in our office. It is typically performed with laughing gas and local anesthesia, and in selected cases it is performed under IV sedation. The surgery and pre-operative and post-operative instructions will be discussed in detail at your preoperative consultation with your doctor.

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