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What we love at NC Oral Surgery and Orthodontics is seeing how our patients’ smiles transform. Our orthodontists across the Triangle, Triad, and beyond are here to make your smile journey as pleasant as possible. Below we have gathered some before and afters into specific categories so you can see the final results! Click through each slider to see all photos.


Crowding is one of the most common orthodontic concerns and is defined as the lack of space for all the teeth to fit normally in the jaws. It typically occurs when there is disharmony in the tooth to jaw size relationship, or when the teeth are larger than the available space. Here are some before and afters for our patients with dental crowding.

crowding 1
crowding 2
crowding 3
crowding 4
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Dental spacing concerns can be large spacing between teeth or uneven spacing throughout the jaw. Below are some dental spacing cases and their results.

spacing 3
spacing 2
spacing 1
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According to the American Orthodontic Association, an open bite is a malocclusion in which teeth do not make contact with each other. With an anterior open bite, the front teeth do not touch when the back teeth are closed together. With a posterior open bite, the back teeth do not touch when the front teeth are closed together. Take a look at our before and after Open Bite cases below!

open bite 5
open bite 1
open bite 2
open bite 3
open bite 4
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A deep bite is also known as a deep overbite or closed overbite. This occurs when the upper front teeth overlap the bottom front teeth an excessive amount. Check out our Deep Bite cases below.

deep bite 2
deep bite 1
deep bite 3
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A crossbite occurs when the upper back teeth erupt and contact inside or outside of the lower back teeth. Lower front teeth are in crossbite if they erupt in front of the upper front teeth. A crossbite can be a single tooth or group of teeth. See below at our latest crossbite before and afters!

crossbite 4
crossbite 1
crossbite 2
crossbite 3
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A Class II Malocclusion (aka “bad bite”) is where the upper front teeth are protruding, or the lower teeth and/or jaw is positioned back relative to the upper teeth and/or jaw. This gives an overjet effect of the top teeth when looking at a side view of a person. Check out our Class II case transformations below!

class II overjet 1
class II overjet 4
class II overjet 3
class II overjet 2
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A Class III Malocclusion is when the lower front teeth or jaw sit ahead of the upper front teeth or jaw. Another term for Class III Malocclusions is Underbite. Look at our Class III case before and afters below!

class III underbite 2
class III underbite 1
class III underbite 3
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